What 2017 has in store for enterprise analytics – and what you need to do about it


The last year has seen big changes in how people adopt and use analytics. Many analytics tools today require users to leave the apps they use every day to gain any benefit. This is inefficient and outdated, which is one reason why we have seen adoption of self-service tools decline 20% since 2014.

Today’s users are desperate for something that is better, easier, and more efficient for them to work with in their daily workflows and app usage patterns. In other words, there’s...

By Tom Cahill, 09 January 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Data & Analytics, Employee Education, Employees.

Five questions to ask when enhancing your app’s analytics


Product managers have been pressured to add analytics to their apps since the idea of big data came up nearly a decade ago. At the time, solutions like Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services were go-tos for companies.

But these solutions – while an important step forward at the time – now feel antiquated and insufficient to provide the capabilities today’s sophisticated users demand.

The rise of data is forcing a tech evolution. And as apps, sensors and other...

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