AppConfig Community one year on: The stats on an ‘outstanding’ 12 months of growth


The AppConfig Community, an initiative to promote best practices for enterprise application development across native OS frameworks, has described its first 12 months of membership as ‘dramatic’ and ‘outstanding’, alongside confirming 40 more independent software vendors (ISVs) are to formally join “in the very near future.”


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Research reveals iOS and Android app data leakage – and what it means for enterprises


A new report from cloud security provider Zscaler has revealed the extent of data leakage from iOS and Android apps – and the threat this poses to enterprises.

In a blog post entitled ‘Are mobile apps a leaky tap in the enterprise?’, the company analysed more than 45 million transactions related to mobile devices through its cloud, and found that 0.3% of the 20 million Android transactions and 0.5% of the 26 million iOS transactions are resulting in some level of...

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New data shows interesting examination of mobility in Netherlands


A study from the Netherlands arm of data analyst firm Computer Profile has shown that MobileIron holds a significant lead in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space in the country, while Android just edges out iOS for operating systems.

The study, which can be found here (Dutch language), showed MobileIron to have a 31.4% market share, based on 1,200 interviews Computer Profile carried out...

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Microsoft announces Intune is part of Android for Work initiative


Microsoft has announced its enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite Intune is now part of the Android for Work program.

The announcement, made on an official company blog, outlined several new capabilities for the initial release. Microsoft plans to offer a broader set of management policies for Android devices – managing work profiles and defining permission policies for certain...

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Appthority examines Android mobile threat landscape – but it’s not all bad news


A new report from mobile security provider Appthority concludes the mobile threat landscape continues to evolve and singles out three recent vulnerabilities in the Play Store which could be a serious issue for enterprises.

The report, the firm’s latest quarterly Enterprise Mobile Threat Update, examines Godless, LevelDropper, and Overlay. Godless, discovered by Trend Micro researchers, potentially affects almost 90% of Android devices, and is able to silently install apps on...

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How Google continues to beef up Android’s enterprise abilities


Android is catching iOS in mobile security, but enterprises don’t yet know it

In many organisations today iOS may be the dominant mobile operating system, but it's the only game in town when it comes to deploying apps for employees. Most enterprises eschew Android altogether and take an "iOS first and only" route. This could change over the next few years as IT departments become aware of recent efforts by Google to improve Android's enterprise standing.

Last month I attended...

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AppConfig Community launches Android best practices


Updated May 18: The AppConfig Community, an initiative led by four enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors to promote enterprise app development, has announced it has finalised best practices for Android configurations.

The community, which launched at Mobile World Congress in February with AirWatch VMware, IBM, JAMF Software and MobileIron as its founding members, originally focused on iOS, but three months on is examining Android for Work. Developers will be able to leverage native Android...

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Tangoe moves into ‘mobility as a service’ offering as next step up from TEM


Telecoms expense management (TEM) provider Tangoe has announced the launch of a managed mobility ‘as a service’ (MaaS) offering, which includes device provisioning, management, and a 24/7 help desk functionality.

The move, which utilises Tangoe’s Matrix Mobility product, also enables enterprises who partner with Tangoe to benefit from reporting, analytics and cost saving, as well as HR information setup and a consulting process. Alongside this, Tangoe is also becoming...

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The heart of the security problem: Why it’s time to fix up Android


Think your phone is secure just because you have a lock screen password? Think again.

Carriers that license and sell Android devices to their customers gain root access to those devices. The original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, have rooted access as well, which means that before you ever take your “brand new” phone out of the box, you already have two massive companies with backdoor...

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Nine in 10 Android enterprise devices not on latest OS – but it’s not great for iOS either


It has long been one of the biggest issues with Android as an enterprise-grade operating system; now, a research report from access security provider Duo Security has found that more than 90% of Android devices analysed are running out of date OSs.

The bad news does not end there, however; almost one in three (32%) of the more than one million devices in Duo’s install base are running on Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich – or older, while one in 20 Android devices...

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Latest enterprise OS figures: iOS still holds two thirds of activations, says Good


It’s that time of year again: another Good Mobility Index, which this time shows enterprise app activations continue at pace, and iOS again rules the roost in regulated industries.

The key finding from the previous quarter’s analysis from the enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider’s customer base –

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MAM deployments for Android: What to look out for


When it comes to MAM (mobile application management) deployments, Android is about as no-frills as they come.

Unlike Windows Mobile, which requires Symantec certificates to sign your apps, or Apple, which requires a developer account, Android is a bit like the Wild West of mobile apps.

Through Google Play and other Android app stores, you can do a lot on your own—without having to check with Google. And that includes deploying apps.

The only ‘gotcha’ of Android MAM...

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The empire strikes back: Microsoft’s mobile strategy - will Cortana usurp Google Now?


I was interested recently to see that Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant can replace Google Now in Android beta test versions. Google originally created Android as a defensive move so that it couldn’t be frozen out of mobile by Apple or Microsoft, so while today this sounds like a hobbyist project, the possibility of Microsoft replacing Google services in Android shouldn’t be dismissed lightly.

The world has moved on from the days when Google was afraid of Windows...

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Enterprises increasing deployment of custom apps, yet secure browser remains key


The average organisation uses more than three apps in addition to email, according to Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index report.

More than two thirds (67%) of Good customers surveyed said they deployed two or more apps, with one in five (21%) saying they use five or more apps. 5% of organisations polled said they use 10 or more apps.

Secure browser remained the most popular app, emphasising the importance of connection to the corporate intranet. The browser comprised half...

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BlackBerry and Google solidify deal to “set new standards in enterprise mobile security”


The slew of rumours surrounding a greater partnership between BlackBerry and Google – previously attributable to leaked images of BlackBerry phones running on Android and the like – has gone up a notch, with BlackBerry purchasing the domain name.

Clicking on that address takes you to a curious page which proclaims the text: “BlackBerry and Google are working...

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MobileIron’s latest announcements: Android for Work, admin strength and employee privacy


All things considered, it’s been a pretty good week for enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron. The Mountain View-based firm was named a leader for the fifth consecutive year by Gartner in its recently published EMM Magic Quadrant, and its Mobile First Conference, in San Francisco, saw a plethora of news and product releases.

Nick McQuire, VP enterprise research...

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Exec claims Android will “eclipse” iOS in the enterprise: Is it the right call?


The head of ICT at UK-based blind manufacturer Hillarys Blinds claims Android, and particularly Android for Work, will “eclipse” iOS in the enterprise.

Julian Bond made the bold statement at Computing’s recent Enterprise Mobility and Application Management Summit. He told delegates: “It depends what sort of industries you’re in the same room as, but compared with a year ago it’s very interesting to see the shift towards Android and a lot of...

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Google moves to be mightier in the enterprise with Android M

Yesterday at I/O, Google announced that with Android M, its team has focused on polish and quality. This follows last year’s event, introducing a whole new look and feel for Android, and the introduction of Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear. Outside of the main announcements that the company talked about, such as Android Pay, changes to app permissions, upgrades to Google Now and Chrome Custom Tabs (to name but a few), we’ll investigate what Google didn’t talk about - its enhancements to Android for Work....

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Good Technology CEO hits back at Android for Work competitor claims

Picture credit: Good Technology

Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt has responded to claims from a competitor that the EMM provider ‘looks likely to run out of cash’, is not supported by Android for Work and competes with native email user experiences.

Writing in a blog post, she notes: “I am not in the habit of responding to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), but in this case, I felt it important to set the record straight.”

Good was

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