Singapore Airlines working with IBM on enterprise apps

IBM appears to be drip-feeding new customer wins for its MobileFirst for iOS partnership; first City Furniture, and now Singapore Airlines (SIA) is using various apps to increase productivity and customer experience.

The two apps used by Singapore Airlines are Fly Now, which provides a single, real-time location for flight-related information and actions, such as flight plans and pilot check-ins, while Roster gives a 60 day view of flights assigned to a pilot, as well as providing alerts if pilots have visa,...

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AppConfig Community one year on: The stats on an ‘outstanding’ 12 months of growth


The AppConfig Community, an initiative to promote best practices for enterprise application development across native OS frameworks, has described its first 12 months of membership as ‘dramatic’ and ‘outstanding’, alongside confirming 40 more independent software vendors (ISVs) are to formally join “in the very near future.”


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Jamf says Apple ‘gaining momentum’ in enterprise – yet other figures say different

A new report from mobility management provider Jamf argues that Mac and iOS devices are ‘easier to manage’ than their PC, Chromebook and Android brethren, ramping up Apple adoption in business and education.

The report, which took responses from approximately 300 commercial businesses, 300 K-12 educational establishments, as well as 300 higher education IT professionals and executives from a variety of organisations, also found that 90% of K-12 schools use iOS devices of some description, while...

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IBM inks deal with Bell to soup up iOS enterprise apps in Canada

(c) Loiseleux

Bell, the largest telecoms provider in Canada, is working with IBM to help offer IBM MobileFirst, the Armonk giant’s enterprise mobility play with Apple, to Canadian businesses.

The telco will ‘combine its expertise in mobility services with IBM’s robust suite of apps tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals across multiple industries, including energy and utilities, government, manufacturing, retail and more’, according to a press...

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iPads in the workforce, or why enterprise mobility is all about the apps


Mobile devices have been an integral part of the global workforce for years, as businesses adopt technology to drive transformation and improve business processes. Just last year, enterprise markets accounted for about $25 billion in annual Apple revenue, up 40 percent over 2014 – and iPads have undoubtedly earned a fair share of that revenue. There’s no denying the innovation behind the iPad and other tablets and smartphones. These devices are growing in popularity in the...

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Why App Transport Security can’t get here soon enough


What is completely transparent but protects you from prying eyes? Encryption, of course! “Completely transparent” may be a bit of an overstatement but, generally speaking, the way encryption operates is fairly painless for the average end user. However, with the January 1, 2017 deadline looming for requiring all App Store apps to utilize App Transport Security (a.k.a. ATS, Apple terminology for securing all app traffic using the TLS v1.2 protocol), encryption may get a...

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Apple’s Q4 earnings: Keeping it real in the enterprise


Everyone listening to Apple’s Q4 2016 earnings call was looking for insight on the company’s growth trajectory. What will be the big, new technology bets? Some of us listening think we have a least one clue.

iOS is the dominant enterprise mobility platform. According to the latest Mobile Security and Risk Review, Apple devices account for more than 80% of the business market share globally. A large enterprise app and services ecosystem is building up around iOS just...

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Research reveals iOS and Android app data leakage – and what it means for enterprises


A new report from cloud security provider Zscaler has revealed the extent of data leakage from iOS and Android apps – and the threat this poses to enterprises.

In a blog post entitled ‘Are mobile apps a leaky tap in the enterprise?’, the company analysed more than 45 million transactions related to mobile devices through its cloud, and found that 0.3% of the 20 million Android transactions and 0.5% of the 26 million iOS transactions are resulting in some level of...

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New data shows interesting examination of mobility in Netherlands


A study from the Netherlands arm of data analyst firm Computer Profile has shown that MobileIron holds a significant lead in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space in the country, while Android just edges out iOS for operating systems.

The study, which can be found here (Dutch language), showed MobileIron to have a 31.4% market share, based on 1,200 interviews Computer Profile carried out...

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Why iOS 10 is the evolution of a complete enterprise platform


iOS 10 showcases Apple’s commitment to improving every aspect of the device and app experience for enterprise customers.

Beyond just the feature updates, Apple has continued to expand its partner ecosystem so customers can access a broader pool of industry-leading apps and quickly deploy them on any iOS device. Apple has also added more usability features that creates a seamless experience between all types of Apple devices – from iOS to macOS, watchOS and TVOS.

A complete...

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Rumour has it: How Apple’s headphone jack removal could compromise its enterprise position


Consumers and industry pundits are already expressing frustrations upon hearing that Apple is planning to remove its headphone jack in the next iPhone. But is this simply a consumer issue? Or will it have an impact on the enterprise market as well?

The company has already been making major moves to strengthen its position within the enterprise, including partnerships in the past year with Cisco and IBM, and new enterprise-friendly features to iOS and macOS Sierra at this year’s...

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A guide to getting the most out of iOS for your enterprise


With mobile devices becoming increasingly important in everyday business operations, enterprises are seeing the need to make very informed choices about their mobile technology policies. As such, businesses will need to turn their heads to better understanding the management of mobile technology as an important part of their overall IT and security strategies.

Business leaders are now looking at which mobile platform is the best to use – and Apple is increasingly introducing new features that...

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Apple on top for enterprise mobile security – but Samsung catching up


Apple rules the roost when it comes to enterprise mobile security – but Samsung is catching up through the strength of its KNOX platform among others, according to a new research report.

The report, released by Tech Pro Research – a joint venture between TechRepublic and ZDNet – found 84% of respondents saw Apple smartphone security as at least ‘good’, with 37% opting for ‘very good’ and 14% ‘excellent’. For tablets, the...

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How Google continues to beef up Android’s enterprise abilities


Android is catching iOS in mobile security, but enterprises don’t yet know it

In many organisations today iOS may be the dominant mobile operating system, but it's the only game in town when it comes to deploying apps for employees. Most enterprises eschew Android altogether and take an "iOS first and only" route. This could change over the next few years as IT departments become aware of recent efforts by Google to improve Android's enterprise standing.

Last month I attended...

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SAP and Apple collaborate to connect SAP HANA Cloud Platform with iOS

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Christian Mueller)

In a move that has not thoroughly impressed observers, SAP and Apple have announced collaboration that will allow iOS apps to connect with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Developers will now be able to build native iOS applications based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). These apps will be able to access the core data and business processes from S/4HANA while benefiting from...

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iOS, Android or Windows devices? We’ll have iOS thanks, say employees


Organisations are increasingly giving their employees a choice over their device – and with that choice comes an overwhelming preference for iOS.

That’s the key, if not entirely surprising, finding from enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider JAMF Software’s latest report which shows Macs and iOS are the choice of 75% and 79% of those polled respectively.

The other main finding relates to the benefits which arrive from employers adopting bring your own device...

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Enterprise mobile metrics: iOS still top, while mobile becomes a must have


Mobile is increasingly becoming the norm in the enterprise, while some organisations are seeing their investment in enterprise mobility management (EMM) being paid back within 12 months due to greater productivity.

Those are the two key findings from a report released by Citrix, which has charted the key themes in EMM over the past year.

Naturally, the devil is in the detail. The survey respondents were Citrix customers who used XenMobile, so the ROI stat is essentially the Fort Lauderdale...

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iOS 9.3 and EMM: Five new features that matter


We are excited about new capabilities that Apple is introducing in iOS 9.3 to address organisational use cases; this may very well be the first time Apple has introduced this much new content in a point release. When you look at all the things Apple is doing with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), and the newest capabilities introduced in iOS 9.3, it is clear that Apple...

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Mitie moves its facilities managers to mobile for greater data delivery

Picture credit: Mubaloo

Facilities management company Mitie is working with enterprise app development firm Mubaloo to deliver an iOS version of account management tool Miworld to its facilities managers.

The two companies put their heads together to provide a dashboard which gives facilities managers either an overview of their client portfolio or property specific information. The app also has a bespoke content management system, which allows the app to be tailored to individual customers or managers, as...

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