How to ensure your corporate network is ready for the rise of video

By Adrian Thirkill, COO and MD-UK, Easynet Global Services

I feel sorry for the corporate network. Every day it’s squeezed from all sides with video, voice, cloud, big data and mobile putting more pressure on it than an elephant on a tightrope. 

Video in the enterprise isn’t a new phenomenon, but various usage statistics continue to demonstrate its meteoric rise. The shift in workplace behaviour patterns, the increase in cross-border working, the improvement in content quality and the...

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Companion apps - how will the future TV be controlled by tablets?

TV has over the past 50 years grown to be one of the most important pieces of electronics we have in our home. Most of us don’t remember a time when there were no TVs in the living room, and from a very young age we have all been groomed to enjoy the TV experience.

The TV is traditionally a passive experience, with limited interaction at infrequent intervals. The remote control was developed to support this passive experience and most consumers are used to navigating between...

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Smart-TV content apps drive better user ad engagement

Contextual ads delivered through smart-TVs result in improved user engagement when compared to traditional TV advertising, according to new research into a number of leading brands’ campaigns.

In interviews with consumers, content apps were found to be the most popular method of ad content delivery, generating a great appetite for consumers to engage in additional content from the advertiser’s micro-site.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment...

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Netflix arrives in the UK

When we’re not wearing down the skin on or thumbs in a frenzied gaming session, there’s nothing we find more enjoyable and relaxing than kicking back with a decent movie or the latest television series.

However, we find nothing relaxing in having to brave the cold weather to make a journey to the local video library. Then there’s the added headache of having to scout through a mile long shelving unit packed with DVDs and Blu-rays of predominantly very little interest. A couple of days later,...

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1 in 6 UK Adults Will Buy a Tablet This Year

One in six UK adults will buy a tablet in 2012 according to a recent poll by Sky.

The results also found that more than half of all UK adults now owns a smartphone, whilst one in 12 of those who took part in the poll had already received a tablet for Christmas.

David Gibbs, Director of Mobile at Sky, commented:

“Consumers are embracing smart mobile technology and using those devices to stay informed, in touch and entertained”

TV and Mobile Going Hand in Hand

2 million people in the UK now watch TV...

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Touchless smartphones and TVs could be on sale in 2012

So you’ve lost your TV remote control. Again.

Not to worry, says a tiny Israeli start-up company called XTR3D – soon you’ll be able to flick through channels and adjust the volume using only… your hand.

You’ll just have to turn your palm towards the screen, and zap away without ever getting off the couch.

And no need for under-the-skin electronics or fancy microchips.

Instead, the TV – or rather gesture recognition software installed inside – will “read”...

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Xbox live update shakes up home entertainment

Microsoft has partnered with 40 different content providers to deliver movies, TV, music and sport through apps on its Xbox consoles; aiming to shake up the home entertainment market with the latest iteration of its Xbox Live service.

The company is partnering with content providers including Amazon’s Love Film, ESPN, BBC, Netflix, BskyB and a host of others, providing content, many via apps installed on the Xbox console.

Microsoft is also launching the first mobile app ever to tie in directly to a...

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How to help build the TV apps market

TV apps are predicted to make a big impact on the apps industry, although it’s expected to take some time to develop apps alongside building consumer take up. Industry experts at Apps World Europe shared some key tips to look out for and work on to help the growth of TV apps:

  • Market communication: Build awareness of your app by talking to your target audience, brands and consumers. This will help build activation numbers (the amount of consumers that connect TVs to the internet) and make more people aware of the...

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Who's set to benefit from TV apps?

While we haven’t really yet seen the TV Apps trend take off into the stratosphere like we’ve been expecting, there’s little doubt in the industry that when connected TV hits the mainstream, it’s going to usher in a seismic industry shakeup.

Apps Tech News caught up with a man who has a great insight into the TV app industry, Andy Eardley, director of the international TV app development specialist company, The TV App Agency. They specialise in cross platform software and app...

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New app, Zeebox, aids social TV viewing

A new app has been launched to incorporate TV and social media together, offering a new interactive experience when watching TV programmes.

Zeebox, a new dual-screen iPad app, combines live programme information and real-time viewing figures, whilst having access to social networks.

BBC iPlayer creator Anthony Rose made the first dual-screen app of its kind, which changes the experience of watching TV. By connecting your Facebook account to...

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