Will virtual reality explode into the enterprise?

For many people their first experience of a virtual world was at the computer game arcade. Thanks to Google Glass, Facebook's purchase of Oculus Rift, and ever increasing computing power.

Augmented, Virtual, and various forms of Mixed Reality are finding a niche in the enterprise. Increasingly for visualisation and use cases where it's 'handy' to be hands free. Displaying and accessing information may make sense via a Virtual or Augmented channel.

Briefly to make some distinctions: Virtual (computer generated), Augmented (computer...

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The Xbox One will broaden Microsoft’s use of gamification

Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software – IT SolutionsMicrosoft recently announced the successor to the Xbox 360 – the Xbox One. The event to announce the new console was heavily focused on the console’s enhanced media capabilities. The hardware revisions, coupled with some interesting patents raised by Microsoft, demonstrate the organization’s intentions for using game mechanics in contexts that extend far beyond just the games developed for the console. One intriguing...

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Pirates, prepare to be boarded by US entertainment malware

In the constant battle between illegal file sharers (pirates) and the entertainment industry supplying the protected digital materials, the pirates have been staying one step ahead – although the industry may soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal.



New regulations being pushed by the “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” could mean the industry could lawfully distribute malware to illegal file sharers.

The report is

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Adobe Stops Development of Flash Mobile Browser

Adobe has ceased the development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices, ZDNet reports citing an upcoming announcement from Adobe.

“Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations,” says Adobe’s announcement which is reportedly due to be released today.

Instead, Adobe...

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Is There An App For That?: Personal Trainer










There are hundreds of course, ranging from free to the best part of ten quid.  And guess what, they're almost all identical. The handful I checked out offer every variation on bending, stretching, and pumping iron together with all manner of cardiovascular conundrums, each promising optimised performance, well being and all round on-top-of-the-worldesss as long as they are used...

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Freemium takes charge on the app store

Flurry the mobile app analytics firm published an interesting report recently which shows that the freemium model now accounts for a large part of the total revenues from the App Store. Specifically it highlighted that free-to-play games now account for 65 per cent of the total revenues from the App Store’s Top 100 titles. Earlier this year that figure stood at just 39 per cent.

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Dollar apps ‘killing’ traditional gaming

A leading figure in the gaming sector has voiced fears about the effect that mobile gaming is having on his industry, becoming the latest in a line of individuals to voice concerns about the effect that cheap gaming apps are having on sales of more expensive, console based titles.

Writing in the gaming title IndustryGamers, Mike Capps, president of Epic Games said that dollar apps were ‘killing’ the traditional gaming industry. “How do you sell someone a $60 game that's really worth it? They're...

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