Introducing...the lightweight gamification model

I am introducing a new model called ‘lightweight gamification’ which is targeted at individuals and SMEs who want to run gamified programs but don’t have the time and resources needed to think through, build and roll out a heavyweight gamification program.

Lightweight Gamification focuses attention on the following four key rules:

  • Design for feedback not reward
  • Focus on the player’s personal journey
  • Prioritise implicitly tracked metrics
  • Throttle the feedback to sustain engagement
  • It is...

    By Toby Beresford, 09 May 2014, 0 comments. Categories: Enterprise Mobility, Gamification.

    Gamification can benefit the IT service desk in many ways

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst

    Enterprise gamification continues to garner a lot of attention, and the increased understanding of how the practice and its supporting technologies can and are delivering real organizational benefits is encouraging.

    In the context of IT service management, the IT service desk is often identified as a function that can benefit from the use of gamification, and new technological capabilities are being introduced by leading ITSM vendors that can help service desks realize new...

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    BMC adds Bunchball gamification to Remedyforce

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software Solutions

    At Dreamforce 2013 BMC Software and gamification vendor Bunchball announced a strategic partnership that will see the Bunchball Nitro gamification platform integrated with the BMC Remedyforce IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

    This partnership is further evidence of Bunchball’s relevance to multiple use cases within the enterprise, and will help raise the company’s profile. For BMC, the integration of Nitro 5.0 with its proven gamification...

    By Ovum StraightTalk, 06 December 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Enterprise Mobility, Gamification.

    How gamification success is realised by focusing beyond the superficial

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Ovum

    In researching Ovum’s upcoming IT Service Management Trends to Watch for 2014, it has become very apparent that gamification is viewed and leveraged by many vendors, both within and beyond the ITSM space, as an important and emerging performance management functionality. The application of game mechanics and game theory to traditionally non-game contexts has increased significantly throughout 2013, and enterprise gamification is one of the key reasons for this growth. In the consumer...

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    Gamification’s strength in breadth is also its marketing Achilles’ heel

    Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst, Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

    Nascent technologies go through a variety of stages when it comes to their ability to catch the attention of potential addressable markets. Often the vendors in the nascent technology market will unofficially focus on a very specific use case to make it easier to educate the market and gather momentum before expanding into other uses. Conversely, the gamification vendor community is marketing around a broad array of uses and...

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    The Xbox One will broaden Microsoft’s use of gamification

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software – IT SolutionsMicrosoft recently announced the successor to the Xbox 360 – the Xbox One. The event to announce the new console was heavily focused on the console’s enhanced media capabilities. The hardware revisions, coupled with some interesting patents raised by Microsoft, demonstrate the organization’s intentions for using game mechanics in contexts that extend far beyond just the games developed for the console. One intriguing possibility is...

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    Enterprise gamification - is it a thing?

    Let me start by making my feelings clear. I hope Enterprise Gamification is a thing. I mean I work in enterprise mobility and I like games so I couldn't really think of a better combination (except maybe sushi and beer or tropical island resort and cocktails). Anyway as an experienced exponent of computer game playing, and some beta testing, along with a few flash games I made 10 years ago plus my experience with enterprise systems I feel I'm adequately positioned to briefly explain what this gamification thing could be.Drilling down let's look at the two key parts and what they do. An enterprise system typically aims to make a business more efficient and effective at achieving its goals and provide shareholder value. These systems enable business process; provide a central knowledge repository, and an audit trail. Games tend to be fun,...

    By Adam Sivell, 26 April 2013, 1 comment. Categories: Enterprise Mobility, Gamification.