Sticky not tricky: How to get stickiness in enterprise apps

In many recent technology success stories a key component is the “stickiness factor”. These super sticky websites and applications grew their user base virally and exponentially. If you haven’t caught on yet don’t worry the concept itself isn’t tricky. In this context sticky describes when users stay longer, and keep returning to use software. In the case of the web, the browser’s homepage (and to a lesser degree favourites) helps a site to be sticky. Increasingly however mobile applications with their installation process,...

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Cloudera plots its path forward with enterprise data hub strategy

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

Two years ago, we wondered what Hadoop would be when it grows up. Back then, it was a matter of what were the components that defined the Hadoop stack. Today, the question is more about Hadoop’s role in the enterprise analytics ecosystem.

At the recent Strata/Hadoop World conference in New York, Cloudera announced a new enterprise data hub strategy. More than an update of the enterprise data warehouse, the hub becomes the logical...

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“Mobile first” application design highlights the need for good UX

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact IT

At SAP’s industry analyst conference in June 2013, the German software giant was keen to emphasize its renewed focus on revamping the user experience (UX) of its core application offerings. Given that SAP does not exactly have a stellar reputation for providing a good user experience, the move in this direction is an indication of the seriousness with which all application vendors need to take good design, ensuring that the applications employees use for work...

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Tomfoolery gets $1.7m funding to “change enterprise software forever”

It’s not exactly a company name which conjures up ideas of a serious enterprise discussion. But then again, that’s part of Tomfoolery’s appeal.

The startup’s mission is to make enterprise apps more inviting and fun – “to build amazing apps for work”, in the words of the company website – and it’s gotten plenty of interest.

The result is around $1.7m (£1.07m) in venture capital funding, led by Morado Ventures and also including the likes of Jerry Yang of AME Cloud...

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How to make better apps for small to medium sized businesses

Entrepreneurs, one-man operations, small and medium sized businesses have been quick to embrace mobility because they all have one thing in common, flexibility.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have flexibility in the way they run their business, and the agility and adaptability to respond to market and technological changes.

According to research conducted in the third quarter of last year, over 90% of US small...

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Enterprise and the consumerisation of mobility: Bob Schukai #AppsWorld

The enterprise sector is catching up with the consumer sector – and it’ll be very interesting to see how companies embrace the space.

That’s the verdict of Bob Schukai, head of mobility at Thomson Reuters. Ahead of his appearance at Apps World, Enterprise AppsTech caught up with Schukai to discuss the optimum way of designing an enterprise app and how functionality fits in.  

Don’t replicate the desktop

Back in July Infragistics senior UX architect, Marshal Datkowitz

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#AppsWorld preview: Why enterprise app development is ‘a people project’

One of the common pitfalls in the implementation of internal enterprise apps, following an arduous design, development and implementation process, is that uptake among users just doesn’t happen because the project didn’t properly consider their needs and didn’t involve them in the design and build.

Paul Heybourne, global technology innovation manager at Aviva, set the tone for a whole internal apps strategy at the firm after identifying a business case for an app to streamline the process of...

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Can IT afford to ignore user experience issues any longer?

By Somak Roy, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Solutions, Ovum.

For far too long the enterprise software selection decision has been a primarily IT-led and feature-set-focused process, with feedback from actual users typically playing a much less significant role than that required. Ignoring user opinion, of which user experience (UX) is a big part, has not gone unpunished of course, and has resulted in familiar problems including expensive training and lack of adoption.

In decades past it was still possible for...

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Native Apps and Mobile Web Meet in the Middle

The debate has been raging for awhile: Which will win out? Mobile websites or native apps?

There have been solid arguments for both and even hybrid compromises (like native app icons that take you to a mobile site). But another melding of the two forms has just appeared in the form on CNET’s new mobile site.

In an article published yesterday CNET details how the...

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