Outlook good for Microsoft in the mobile enterprise wars

Recent research put out by the Aberdeen Group has shown how Microsoft products are dominating the rollouts for enterprise mobile app deployment in 2013.

In a blog post on the Aberdeen site, enterprise mobility and collaboration research director Andrew Borg likens the scenario to David and Goliath, with the key protagonists – Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft – switching roles with each new phone...

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IBM expands MobileFirst initiative to protect iOS enterprise apps

Tech giant IBM is rolling out enhanced enterprise security software, in the shape of IBM AppScan Source 8.7 for iOS, helping keep Apple apps and devices safe.

This is another indication that IBM, expanding on its MobileFirst initiative, is strengthening its mobile plays, having made 10 acquisitions in the mobile realm since 2006.

Part of the software’s appeal, according to IBM, is that it can automatically identify the path of data in an application, how it enters and leaves.

The problem of data leakage is an...

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Gartner: Apple “as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft” by 2014

According to the latest round of Gartner enterprise IT predictions, Apple will have as much of an enterprise reputation as Microsoft by 2014.

Of course, most people reading that will be looking around their workplace, analysing their BYOD policy contract and seeing the number of iPads and iPhones in the office.  Yet Gartner is focusing on the desktop Macs.

“Going forward, Apple will continue to benefit from consumerisation and will continue to evolve Macs to take on more iOS characteristics, which...

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10 CEO's express opinions on accessing corporate networks with iPad

Last month we met with 10 CEO’s at a Vistage meeting to discuss how they're using iPads in their business. A key problem they all agreed on was accessing their corporate file servers from the iPad, so they can browse and update files.

Cisco the most viable option?

Businesses using Cisco found that AnyConnect is a pretty good solution. You can connect to your corporate network and browse documents and files. The general impression was that this was good, but the user experience could be more slick.


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Apple confronts challenge of low-cost tablets with iPad Mini

By Adam Leach, Practice Leader, Devices & Platforms

Apple has announced the introduction of the iPad Mini – a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet. The iPad Mini features a 7.9-inch multi-touch display, a dual-core A5 chip, FaceTime HD, 5-megapixel cameras, and WiFi & LTE connectivity. Pricing starts at $329 for the 16GB WiFi-only version, rising to $659 for the top-end 64GB LTE model.

The challenge and necessity of low-cost tablets

The introduction of a smaller iPad was much expected by...

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iPhone 5 launch: What does it mean for the enterprise?

With the long-awaited announcement of the iPhone 5, it seems everybody has an opinion. But what does the new Apple smartphone entail for businesses?

According to Jim Hemmer, Antenna Software CEO, there shouldn’t be any difficulties in integrating the iPhone 5 for the enterprise.

“We saw Tim Cook put the iPad’s success in the enterprise at the head of his presentation, and it’s easy to see why,” Hemmer said.

Enterprise AppsTech published a piece on the iOS device VPN provider...

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The real winner in the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit..? Microsoft!

In the recent legal battles between Samsung and Apple it may seem hard to know who has the upper hand with Samsung victorious in Japan and Apple victorious in the US. What is undoubtedly true is that the case itself will have far reaching consequences for the world of enterprise mobility and application development in general. I would go further than that though and say that to me the...

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Lessons learned: 5 top tips to develop mobile applications

What enterprise application teams can learn from Facebook

As you may have seen, Facebook recently re-launched their application for iOS devices in an attempt to fix some of the outstanding issues that had been identified by their users.

Whether these have been fixed or not is debatable, but what really stood out to me is what this can teach those charged with creating large scale business critical applications.

You may think: “What does Facebook have to do with how I run my business?” The Facebook...

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How can an SME enterprise solution go bigger?

iSimplyConnect chief Ralph Shaw talks to Enterprise AppsTech about his company’s turnkey solution, letting the iPad aid productivity and the future of BYOD

iOS device virtual private network (VPN) provider iSimplyConnect has released its ConnectMore software, and highlights how a VPN product originally designed for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) can target much larger enterprises if the demand is there.

According to Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies, the desicion to create ConnectMore came...

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