Pirates, prepare to be boarded by US entertainment malware

In the constant battle between illegal file sharers (pirates) and the entertainment industry supplying the protected digital materials, the pirates have been staying one step ahead – although the industry may soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal.



New regulations being pushed by the “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” could mean the industry could lawfully distribute malware to illegal file sharers.

The report is

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Is 2013 going to be the year of biometric security?

Nearly every day features news of high-profile hacks; clearly the “old school” password just doesn’t cut it anymore. PayPal’s chief information security officer Michael Barrett certainly agrees.

As we rely more and more on cloud services to easily store and retrieve our data online, we also make ourselves more and more accessible to data theft and manipulation.

At the Interop IT conference in Las Vegas,...

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Samsung and BlackBerry are secure enough for Pentagon - but not Apple?

In a strange turn of events, the Pentagon has authorised BlackBerry (whose security was possibly questioned by the UK government) and Android-based manufacturer Samsung’s devices for use in the Department of Defense; but left Apple’s iPhone in question.

General consensus pits Android as being the most insecure mobile OS with many high-profile cases of Malware whilst rival...

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Microsoft Surface Pro “just isn’t there” says IDC analyst - are smaller models on the way?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has had a rocky start, with the International Data Center (IDC) pegging Q1 2013 estimates at just 900,000 (compare to Apple iPad’s 19.5 million!), causing IDC analyst Tom Mainelli to slam it with: “It’s just not there yet.”

Mainelli goes on to explain how battery life is a huge issue stating it will be compared to the iPad which runs for eight to 10 hours, up to the Surface which lasts for four.

His exact quote was: “The battery life's not...

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The next generation of smartphones: What do you want to see?

Here at 3Squared, we are always eagerly awaiting the release of the next must-have phone.  Apple’s strategy of seemingly random launches, without even staff and retailers knowing what new features it may have, creates huge amounts of attention and their power in the technology market suggest this approach works.

But regardless of what features it does have, there is always much debate in the office about what the manufacturer has missed off.  We decided to take a look at the features that we...

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iOS remains the enterprise mobile platform of choice

According to cloud provider Citrix, in its Enterprise Mobility Cloud Report Q4 2012, Apple devices continued to dominate the mobile enterprise, although Android certainly had its advantages.

The report, which surveyed Citrix customers currently with EMM (enterprise mobility management) in the cloud, concluded that iOS platforms proved better for those enterprises where there was a lot of one-on-one customer engagement, such as retail, whilst Android was better for mobile field service organisations.


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Outlook good for Microsoft in the mobile enterprise wars

Recent research put out by the Aberdeen Group has shown how Microsoft products are dominating the rollouts for enterprise mobile app deployment in 2013.

In a blog post on the Aberdeen site, enterprise mobility and collaboration research director Andrew Borg likens the scenario to David and Goliath, with the key protagonists – Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft – switching roles with each new phone...

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IBM expands MobileFirst initiative to protect iOS enterprise apps

Tech giant IBM is rolling out enhanced enterprise security software, in the shape of IBM AppScan Source 8.7 for iOS, helping keep Apple apps and devices safe.

This is another indication that IBM, expanding on its MobileFirst initiative, is strengthening its mobile plays, having made 10 acquisitions in the mobile realm since 2006.

Part of the software’s appeal, according to IBM, is that it can automatically identify the path of data in an application, how it enters and leaves.

The problem of data leakage is an...

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Gartner: Apple “as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft” by 2014

According to the latest round of Gartner enterprise IT predictions, Apple will have as much of an enterprise reputation as Microsoft by 2014.

Of course, most people reading that will be looking around their workplace, analysing their BYOD policy contract and seeing the number of iPads and iPhones in the office.  Yet Gartner is focusing on the desktop Macs.

“Going forward, Apple will continue to benefit from consumerisation and will continue to evolve Macs to take on more iOS characteristics, which...

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