Why I believe the iPhone 5S will be a game-changer

The new iPhone5S and 5C haven’t even been released for sale as I write this and yet we’re already deluged with opinion on whether the price is too high, whether the colours are better, why they should have released a watch and why we should care about a 64-bit processor. That’s all very well and we all love debating our smartphones; but I think the persistent (and surprisingly accurate) rumours have prevented us from realising that Apple’s M7 motion co-processor has quietly kicked off a...

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iPhone Touch ID reportedly hacked, security fears back on

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a German group, has claimed that it has broken and hacked into the iPhone Touch ID biometric fingerprint technology, raising possible fears of a security breach.

Enterprise AppsTech, in an editorial last week on the technology’s security strength for the enterprise workforce, noted that whilst “the Touch ID technology could potentially be a game changer for the security of mobile devices...there’s...

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Analysing the 5 best enterprise features of iOS 7

With iOS 7 now fully available, Enterprise AppsTech looks at the best enterprise features of the new Apple OS, and how it shapes up elsewhere

It’s long been speculated that iOS 7, the latest update from Cupertino, has been built with the enterprise in mind.

That may not be strictly true, as Apple would be mad not to have its consumer share as first push – but there’s definitely a gap in the enterprise market that is waiting to be plugged.

And for Jony Ive, Tim Cook and company, there’s...

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With iPhone 5S Touch ID, Apple’s enterprise hand is a serious one

Apple announcement days are always a bit crazy, from the rumour and conjecture months in advance to the traditional closure of the App Store on the day.

The rumour mill was nice and busy in the immediate lead-up. Is Cupertino going into the mid market? What new features will iOS 7 comprise? And what’s this about a China partnership?

In the end of course, the iPhone 5S and 5C were released to somewhat mixed reception in the consumer...

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The MAM/MDM impact of Apple’s iOS update: Is it time to call the bluff?

" . . . the new business features in iOS 7 will have a significant impact on MDM/MAM vendors, and Cortado is in the vanguard with support for Apple’s upcoming mobile OS refresh.”

So suggests a recent ZDNet article by Charles McLellan that details how Cortado’s Corporate Server 7 will play nice with Apple’s upcoming iOS upgrade. This speaks to an...

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MobileSpaces CEO David Goldschlag on iOS 7 and mobility’s “Holy Grail”

Enterprise mobility startup MobileSpaces has launched its 2.0 iteration, which claims to be the first mobile security software to support iOS 7.

The latest program combined iOS 7 functionality with Android app virtualisation technology, leading to a BYOD workspace that supports any app.

iOS 7 “rounds out the product”, according to CEO David Goldschlag.

“Enterprises were telling us that [they] want to manage their apps, and they want to embrace bring your own...

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The iOS’ing of OS X and a bring your own anything future

By Mike ReedIn versions of OS X prior to Lion (10.7), traditional "command and control" desktop management vendors offered client-based agents to continually monitor, manage, and control OS X desktops.  Most of these were originally developed based on a set of Apple technologies like Workgroup Manager which used configuration files placed in certain directories to change the behavior of OS X and enforce policies.  These agents would interact with corporate directory systems like Active Directory or Open Directory and...

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With Android malware increasingly sophisticated, how long before iOS falls?

Trend Micro’s latest summation of the mobile security landscape has revealed some pretty sorry findings in the Android space, although it’s not in the least bit unexpected if you’re a ‘fandroid’.

The cynical view, of course, is to dismiss this with the view of ‘yes, Android malware exists and causes vulnerabilities, move along, nothing to see here.’

And for the most part, you’d be right. But here’s a second opinion: malicious Droid hacking has only so far...

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Apple increases its enterprise commitment with iOS 7

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact TechnologyApple is due to launch its new mobile operating system, iOS 7, later in 2013. From the information that has already been made available it appears that this latest iteration of iOS will include a whole slew of additions to its enterprise management features, providing a greater increment of capabilities than in any previous release. While Apple has not changed its strategic focus on the consumer market, the features included in iOS 7 demonstrate that it is getting serious...

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Surveys shed light on the good and bad of Australian mobility

A series of research reports have recently been unleashed onto the market detailing the state of enterprise mobility in Australia.

The highlights of the research findings are as follows:

  • Apple rules the roost in the Australian enterprise – but it might not be for much longer
  • The Australian MDM market is forecast to grow at a comprehensive rate year on year between now and 2020
  • Yet a majority of Australian employees work remotely without BYOD provisions in place

First of all, the good. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Australian mobile device...

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