Millennials and gen Z want collaboration – but face to face communication too


Is the enterprise technological revolution all it’s cracked up to be? According to new research from Randstad US and Future Workplace, the most recent generation of employees – generation Z and millennials – prefer in-person communication with their co-workers and managers instead of email and phone.

This one-sentence summary doesn’t quite tell the whole story, however. Of the research, which polled more than 4,000 global respondents, the young workforce wants a...

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How to ensure customer and employee satisfaction with multiple service desks


The Service Desk Institute recently researched the phenomenon of having several service desks in one organisation. The interesting thing about this research is that it provides numerical proof of what is happening in this area.

Their research reveals that 90% of the questioned organisations have more than one service desk. This means that almost every employee has to first consider where they send their request when they need service.

This often goes well for most, but it is not uncommon...

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Spend a lot of your working week airborne? This may be of interest


Here’s a potential bonus for those executives who spend a large amount of their working life in security checks and departure lounges; global connectivity provider iPass has announced deals with United Airlines and TAV Airports to provide free Wi-Fi to certain business passengers.

The deal with United, announced at the beginning of this month, enables iPass customers to access the airline’s Wi-Fi in-flight network, while members of the TAV Passport Loyalty annual...

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Will you be part of the dawn of the intelligent 21st century enterprise?

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Digital technologies are fuelling a seismic shift in the modern business landscape, driven by changing customer expectations and mounting competition from new and nimble ‘born digital’ companies. This has given rise to a new breed of organisation; the 21st century enterprise, which is being forced to rethink traditional market approaches and become more service-centric in order to remain relevant.

To make this transition successfully, businesses must have the ability...

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Employees reaching breaking point: Our software is not good enough


A new report from enterprise mobility platform provider Sapho argues that employees will simply refuse to use an application that wastes too much of their time – and it’s getting to breaking point.

The study, which was conducted by Forrester and polled more than 100 line of business and IT leaders found that enterprise software was “overwhelmingly” coming up short due to its complexity and issues with mobile. The results showed a disparity between employee...

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Life, mobility, and the pursuit of (government) happiness: A guide


For many government agencies, slow technological adoption makes it particularly difficult to hire, develop, and retain talent, making it costly to an organisation’s finances and overall expertise. When it comes to mobility however, Gartner and MOBI agree that there’s hope. If government agencies can capitalise on four distinct enterprise mobility trends in 2016 and beyond, their mobility programs and employee performance can be drastically...

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Okta gives gloomy outlook for enterprises with legacy security systems


Almost two thirds of IT leaders expect a serious data breach to hit their companies within the next 12 months, according to the latest research from cloud identity and device management provider Okta.

The pessimistic finding, which was compiled from surveying 300 IT and security professionals, contained some other head-scratching results. There was a clear lack of consensus over whether security enables or compromises productivity and agility, with 52% saying it’s a compromise,...

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The key question: Should you embrace shadow IT – or keep it at arm’s length?


Few phrases in the enterprise are as polarising as “shadow IT.”

Shadow IT, which refers to the use by employees of apps or devices that are not sanctioned by the company, is widely debated. Some security professionals view shadow IT as an unavoidable reality; others fiercely contest it and view it as a serious security risk. The explosive growth of mobile device uses—from Apple Watches to smartphones and everything in between—has only made the issue more difficult to...

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You say you want a revolution: The CIO and the public sector


The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner is a particularly bold one: public sector organisations could harness digital disruption to bring about a “revolution in citizen services” – with the CIO at the heart of it.

The argument traditionally goes that the public sector is somewhat lacking in the digital transformation department. Gartner argues that public sector CIOs have their hands tied; challenged by a ‘risk-averse culture’ and resources that...

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How to get the most out of your BI analytics investment


Companies looking to select the right business intelligence (BI) tool need to identify the degree of data analysis they need, how much technical expertise they have in-house, and work out whether they want to integrate existing platforms.

That’s the conclusion from a study conducted by B2B research firm analysing how organisations are attacking their BI strategies.

70% of the almost 300 employees polled – who use BI data analytics tools in their work – said...

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