Okta gives gloomy outlook for enterprises with legacy security systems


Almost two thirds of IT leaders expect a serious data breach to hit their companies within the next 12 months, according to the latest research from cloud identity and device management provider Okta.

The pessimistic finding, which was compiled from surveying 300 IT and security professionals, contained some other head-scratching results. There was a clear lack of consensus over whether security enables or compromises productivity and agility, with 52% saying it’s a compromise,...

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The key question: Should you embrace shadow IT – or keep it at arm’s length?


Few phrases in the enterprise are as polarising as “shadow IT.”

Shadow IT, which refers to the use by employees of apps or devices that are not sanctioned by the company, is widely debated. Some security professionals view shadow IT as an unavoidable reality; others fiercely contest it and view it as a serious security risk. The explosive growth of mobile device uses—from Apple Watches to smartphones and everything in between—has only made the issue more difficult to...

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You say you want a revolution: The CIO and the public sector


The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner is a particularly bold one: public sector organisations could harness digital disruption to bring about a “revolution in citizen services” – with the CIO at the heart of it.

The argument traditionally goes that the public sector is somewhat lacking in the digital transformation department. Gartner argues that public sector CIOs have their hands tied; challenged by a ‘risk-averse culture’ and resources that...

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How to get the most out of your BI analytics investment


Companies looking to select the right business intelligence (BI) tool need to identify the degree of data analysis they need, how much technical expertise they have in-house, and work out whether they want to integrate existing platforms.

That’s the conclusion from a study conducted by B2B research firm Clutch.co analysing how organisations are attacking their BI strategies.

70% of the almost 300 employees polled – who use BI data analytics tools in their work – said...

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The trend continues: C-suite wants digital transformation, but roadblocks await


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: CIOs and the rest of the C-suite love the idea of digital transformation, but silos and disconnects remain.

That’s the verdict from a new study released by QuickBase, a low-code app development platform. Naturally, the idea the company wants to gently push people towards is that of developing applications quickly and by better utilising the already stretched resources of IT.  

The stats, however, are interesting. 68%...

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Mobility matters: How managed mobility relates to the finance department

Too often, enterprises mix up managed mobility services (MMS) and telecom expense management (TEM) as one and the same. It can be confusing for finance departments because they understandably focus on cost savings potential above all else. Since MMS includes expense management as part of its services offering, enterprise mobility confusion can occur.  However, MMS gives finance the tools to take control of spend and other departments tons of additional benefits.

An MMS partner should implement cross...

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New research sheds light on potential data management issues with IoT


It’s almost a given that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a positive impact on businesses long term. But for the time being, more than three quarters of businesses polled by channel data management firm Zyme say they expect IoT to have a significant impact on their ability to gather customer insights throughout the supply chain.

The research, which polled 101 UK respondents with responsibility for digital marketing and channel data management respectively, argued several...

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New survey reveals potential SharePoint collaboration difficulties


More than a quarter of SharePoint projects have struggled to meet expectations, while a similar number have stalled, according to new research released by information management analysts AIIM.

The study, conducted alongside information management software firm Gimmal and mobile and email content management vendor Colligo, found that for two thirds (66%) of those who had cited dissatisfaction, the primary issue was that the Microsoft collaboration product was “hard to...

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Engage and conquer: Using mobility to encourage field safety compliance


The term field force mobility has referred to a range of mobile strategies employed by organisations using mobile technology to improve field productivity. In the beginning, it merely referred to the idea of getting a field resource to the job and receiving feedback that the job was completed. However, as companies move on to their second and third generation solutions, the goal posts change. Mobility now refers to workforce transformation, and among the key targets are safety and...

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Enterprises keen on Windows 10 migration – but plenty still to work out

(c)iStock.com/Michal Krakowiak

Windows 10 is a top priority for enterprises, but it’s still early days in terms of migration, according to research conducted by VMware.

The survey, which conducted 575 interviews – 72% with customers and the remainder with partners –  was released yesterday on the anniversary of the operating system’s launch.

Almost three quarters (74%) of those polled said the key motivation to move to Windows 10 was the obsolescence of Windows 7 and 8. For half...

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