Future gazing, digital transformation and open source key at Red Hat forum


At the Red Hat Forum in London, a couple of key tenets shone through – getting the all-important digital transformation right and the power of open source.

For the event, which was opened up to the press for the first time, digital transformation took the bulk of the talk. “Software is becoming the differentiating factor for your company,” explained Werner Knoblich, Red Hat senior vice president and general manager EMEA.

There were three issues companies needed to...

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Are you marketing your apps to employees in the right way?


A few months ago, we discussed an interesting idea: in your enterprise, you don’t have users—you have “internal customers.” In other words, rather than treating employees as users who must use your app, you should think of them as customers—people with different choices who should use your app because they want to.  

That idea has been kicking around a lot in our heads recently, so we thought we’d...

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How communications technology can protect a mobile workforce


On the morning of March 22, Brussels Airport was hit by a deadly terrorist attack which killed 32 people and left more than 300 injured.  Around 25 million people travel through Brussels airport annually and more than half of those passengers will be on business trips.  The chances of being involved in a terrorist attack are incredibly remote, but for those travelling through the airport that morning it would not have felt that way.  Nor would it have in Paris in November...

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Employees want mobile-first work experiences – but they aren’t getting them


Despite the proliferation of smartphones and enterprise mobility management systems, as well as the explosion of consumer app development, it seems that many employees aren’t getting the work experiences they desire.

That’s the conclusion of a recent report by Sapho and Forrester Research, which explored how business apps can accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise....

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Why enterprise software is worse than the DMV


The pains of the DMV are endless. And given how brutal it can be, I’m sure I’m not alone when I admit that I postpone making the trip to the DMV for as long as I can – I have since I was 16 and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

The preparation involved when visiting the DMV is exhausting in and of itself. I have to schedule time away from my usual duties. I have to gather all of the necessary paperwork. I even have to mentally prepare myself for...

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Four key tips to make flexible working arrangements succeed


Organisations are increasingly under pressure to help improve work/life balance for their employees. Following the introduction of the flexible working legislation in the UK that came into place two years ago, a number of businesses are starting to realise the benefits of offering flexible working options. Benefits include happier, and ultimately more productive...

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Latest iPass research shows the hidden perils of “free” Wi-Fi for organisations


The latest research from connectivity provider iPass has found that the direct and indirect costs of mobile connectivity is costing businesses in Europe and North America more than £2 billion per year.

Citing mobile professionals’ ‘insatiable need for connectivity and growing data consumption’, the report found that the potential costs European and North American workers incur differs in given situations.

Connecting predominantly via cellular, UK respondents cited...

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How and why organisations are moving away from the traditional office


By James Tee, Sonin

To fully gauge how organisations are moving away from the ‘traditional’ office, firstly requires us to understand how today’s employees are also drifting from their traditional role in the workplace. Enterprise mobility, cloud-based solutions and BYOD policies in the workplace means that employees are no longer confined to their desks, 9-5 working hours and dated technology to do their jobs. They’re now more engaged, focused and connected than...

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Four in 10 firms admit suffering crucial data loss from a mobile device


Four in 10 companies have suffered a loss of key corporate data from a mobile device, according to new research from industrial IT services provider NetEnrich.

The study, which polled 150 North America-based IT professionals, argues corporate IT is “hounded” by concerns over mobile security. More than half (54%) of respondents say getting employees to review the company’s policy on mobile devices is the most difficult part of managing employee use, while a similar...

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Millennials and gen Z want collaboration – but face to face communication too


Is the enterprise technological revolution all it’s cracked up to be? According to new research from Randstad US and Future Workplace, the most recent generation of employees – generation Z and millennials – prefer in-person communication with their co-workers and managers instead of email and phone.

This one-sentence summary doesn’t quite tell the whole story, however. Of the research, which polled more than 4,000 global respondents, the young workforce wants a...

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