MDS: transparency is the key to BYOD planning

The inexorable rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken it to a level where it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ business is adopting it, but rather ‘how’ and ‘when’.

In a recent MDS survey, nearly two-thirds (64%) of big businesses with 1,000+ employees had already implemented a policy for employees wanting to use their own mobile devices for work purposes, while just under half (49%) of the SMBs polled had also put such a policy into place.

However, while this...

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The rise and rise of the social enterprise

There has been a huge amount written, and posted, around the “social enterprise” in recent weeks and months, even more so since announced it has reached 150,000 users on Chatter.

There does seem to be some confusion around the whole concept of “social enterprise” and its implications for enterprises, so here I wanted to run through the ins and outs of the social enterprise and most importantly how it may, or may not, affect both...

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Why developing and distributing enterprise iOS apps is no easy feat

Developing enterprise mobile apps on Apple’s iOS platform is no easy feat, and though it may be the trendy thing to do currently, some businesses may wish to think twice about it. There are significant challenges involved with doing so, chief among them is how to distribute any in-house developed iOS app.

In fact, distribution is the biggest challenge with respect to iOS apps. When you build an iOS application and desire to distribute it without using iTunes, your company must join Apple’s iOS...

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Is there no ‘perfect answer’ on enterprise smartphone liability?

A new report from connectivity experts iPass attempts to shed light on whether the corporation or the employee should own enterprise smartphone data.

The report focuses primarily on the aspect of ‘liability’ and its associated sub-categories, including privacy, regulatory and financial liability.

According to Forrester analyst Ted Schadler, workers should be divided into categories based on their data usage as part of a wider strategy on smartphone ownership and control:

  • Those who use the most sensitive...

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What are the key issues for successful B2E app projects?

With consumer apps increasingly raising the bar in terms of design and user experience, a new report has revealed that delivering high quality user experiences is one of the key aspects of business’ enterprise app wish list.

A report from MGI Research, sponsored by the app developer Kony Solutions, revealed that around 64% of businesses surveyed were planning to deploy new business-to-employee (B2E) apps as a way to bolster their competitive advantage and increase customer engagement, brand value and...

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