Evernote releases enterprise version of note-taking app

Cloud-based software company Evernote has released an enterprise-ready version of its note-taking app, Evernote Business.

The app has been released in seven countries: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK and USA and is available in the US for $10 a month.

Evernote’s product is certainly an enterprise-friendly idea, and indeed two in three use it for work purposes, but now Evernote has grasped the nettle and released a product which aims to be, in the company’s words, “a perfect...

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Enterprise mobility fears keeping CIOs awake at night

The topic of mobility and mobile is everywhere these days, not just in our homes but in our offices and boardrooms too. Some great statistics, recently released by [x]cube labs, suggest that as many as 73% of the global enterprise workforce are mobile workers. This may sound a little high even fantastical but they split the workers into groupings of users which included “wannabes” or those who are not actually mobile but want the technology that goes...

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Top 10 data disasters show importance of device strategy

A woman who gave her hard drive a spin in her washing machine, a man who performed a hit and run on his camera and an iPad which took an impromptu swim in the Gulf of Guinea were just some of the catastrophes which made Kroll Ontrack’s end of year data disaster list.

The ninth annual ‘top 10 data disasters’ list from the data recovery expert found amusing, shocking and just plain baffling stories relayed to Kroll Ontrack engineers throughout the course of the...

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Enterprises struggle to navigate mobile business intelligence landscape

Ovum publishes solutions guide for mobile business intelligence

By Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information Management

The consumerisation of IT is prevalent in the enterprise. Consumers have become accustomed to mobile applications that allow them to swiftly and easily access relevant content regardless of place or time. These consumers are now seeking the same experience with business applications.

Business intelligence (BI) vendors have taken note and are now trying to target end users with intuitive mobile versions of...

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Don't look below for the application threats to your network

Graduates, first jobbers and those in the early stages of their career are often the first to find the finger pointed at them from on high when threats are identified on the corporate network.

As the face of ‘Generation Y’, they’re seen as the digital natives who disregard the potential for threats, damage and data leakage, and the IT department keeps a watchful eye on their behaviour.

However, research from Easynet has unearthed startling figures that show the IT Director need not be...

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RIM takes a hit in the enterprise, says iPass

The iPass Q4 Mobile Workforce Report has just been released and reveals that BlackBerry is no longer in the top two devices used in the enterprise.

The research, which garnered responses from workers at over 1,100 enterprises, found that just over a quarter (26%) of mobile workers use BlackBerry devices, compared to just over half (53%) who use iPhones and a third (34%) who use Android smartphones.

BlackBerry went down from 32% market share in 2011 to 26% this time round, with Android overtaking the RIM...

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Why people wish they worked in the tech sector

Over a quarter of adults wish they had pursued a career in technology as the sector is perceived to offer greater earning potential and more job opportunities.

Last month we wrote about a widening skills gap in the mobile enterprise sector, and recent research from Hotels.com suggests that people working in other sectors see tech as an aspirational career option offering greater intellectual challenges.

Almost a third said that they wished they...

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Are you a mobile worker superhero? [infographic]

There’s a new kind of superhero making its way around – and no, not the superheroes and wonderwomen you’ll see out trick-or-treating.

As explained by Neha Prakash of Mashable the workplace is being taken over by a new breed of “elite” workers who use mobile apps to increase business productivity:

“Unisys did a research project with Forrester Consulting, conducting surveys with more than...

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Why enterprise Wi-Fi is more critical than ever

By Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Practice, Ovum

In October 2012 Ovum attended MobileCon (the former CTIA Enterprise conference) and received briefings from a number of US wireless operators, device manufacturers, and mobile management vendors. These suppliers noted the increasing demand for and use of enterprise Wi-Fi and stressed the importance of their being able to design, build, and manage enterprise Wi-Fi services, and integrate them into other networks (mobile, LAN, wireline) within the...

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SANS: Mobile workplace policy doesn’t correspond with the facts

A new piece of research has found that while the vast majority of organisations feel a BYOD and mobile policy is vital, nearly two in five don’t have formal BYOD provisions in place.

The survey by SANS on mobility, BYOD security policies and practices, looked at various aspects of mobile policy, including important drivers for implementing a mobile policy, the importance of security in a mobile framework, and how confident companies...

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