How to ensure secure mobile communication in times of danger


In March 2016, the people of Brussels came under fire from a series of coordinated terrorist attacks which targeted several locations and venues across the city. As emergency services attempted to deal with the immediate aftermath of the deadliest terror attack in Belgium’s history, businesses all over Europe were shown first-hand just how important it is to have effective crisis management plans in place that help protect employees in the event of an emergency. The use of the...

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A three part guide: How evolved is your thinking on mobility?


The power of mobility to transform the way businesses operate remains a hot topic. There seems to be a new story each day on how a company ‘went mobile’ and completely changed the way it operated, while the term ‘going mobile’ has been used to describe everything from a mobile-connected laptop to a complex integrated mobile application.

Like anything though, results are proportional to effort and there are three common approaches to going mobile: a...

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Euro 2016, the Olympics and the enterprise: Employee and network strategies


For sports fans, the upcoming promise of summer is doubly sweet: all of the biggest events happen at this time of year, and this summer we can look forward to two of the best, the European Football Championships and the Rio Olympics.  Other treats include the Sri Lankan and Pakistan cricket tours; the Wimbledon tennis championships; three of the four golf majors; and summer rugby tours for all of the home nations.

These days, the only thing limiting the amount of sport we can...

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Federal government exec gives advice on enterprise BYOD implementations


Josh Moulin, a chief information security officer (CISO) for a federal US national security agency, has detailed in a post the process of a proposal to move an agency to BYOD – and why it was eventually disallowed.

Moulin noted that BYOD is “plagued with a number of security and legal problems” – not least when various classified and unclassified data is being tossed around – and argued the need for mobile device management (MDM) as a bare minimum for any...

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Majority of enterprises believe cloud apps are as secure as on premise, says research


The latest report from cloud access security provider Bitglass contains an intriguing finding; a majority of enterprises surveyed believe cloud apps are just as secure as on premise for the first time.

The research, entitled ‘The Rise of Purpose-Built Cloud Security’, notes that as cloud applications mature, enterprises are seeing cloud security as increasingly impressive. More than half (52%) of those polled said they were confident of cloud apps being secure as their...

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Why banning public Wi-Fi for your employees won’t solve the mobile security problem


In their latest Mobile Security Report, issued last month, iPass surveyed 500 organisations from the US, UK, Germany, and France, and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that 92% of respondents were concerned about security issues arising from a growing mobile workforce. 37% of those polled argued the biggest security threat was free WiFi, followed by employees’ lack of attention to security...

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Analysing the chief digital officer and the rise of the digital enterprise

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IT departments need to move beyond keeping the digital lights on and move swiftly toward building the digital enterprise their organisation needs to innovate and succeed.

The demand for business apps is increasing, outstripping the IT department’s ability to deliver them. Many of us are familiar with the stories of lengthy app backlogs and IT project deadline  ̶  and cost  ̶  overruns. These are among the reasons why so many enterprise workers and...

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Why the corporate network is sagging under employee device and working demands


To misquote a famous ABBA song – if I tell a story about millennial employees, you’ve probably heard it before. Yet this is a little different. A new piece of research conducted by InfoVista and BT has found that, while millennials continue to be unsatisfied with their employers struggling with mobility, the companies are recognising key trends and acting on them.

The study, titled ‘Meeting the Network Demands of Changing Generations’, argued companies are taking...

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Microsoft toughening up password requirements – but is it too late?


It is an issue that has rumbled on for as long as most of us can remember – but now Microsoft aims to make the dreaded password a little bit safer by banning easy passwords.

The news comes amidst a series of data breaches; the LinkedIn data breach which hit the news last week – albeit not containing any new data from beyond the previous breach in 2012 – being chief among them. Since then however, it has emerged that hackers have stolen up to 65 million Tumblr...

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Report notes disparity between CIO and IT on organisational innovation


CIOs and senior management are more likely to be optimistic about how agile and innovative their company is – but IT and management lower down the scale know better.

This disconnect is one of the key findings from a research study released today by cloud services provider Claranet. The research, which polled IT professionals across Europe, found 42% of senior management believe their company has “a culture that supports innovation and takes risks.” This number drops...

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