Report notes disparity between CIO and IT on organisational innovation


CIOs and senior management are more likely to be optimistic about how agile and innovative their company is – but IT and management lower down the scale know better.

This disconnect is one of the key findings from a research study released today by cloud services provider Claranet. The research, which polled IT professionals across Europe, found 42% of senior management believe their company has “a culture that supports innovation and takes risks.” This number drops...

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Why millennial workforce trends are only going to get stronger with the next generation


For employers fretting over their mobility strategy, the trends associated with the millennial workforce are only going to be exacerbated with the next generation.

That’s the key finding from a report issued by business communications provider Fuze, which surveyed 5,000 workers and 2,500 teenagers across Europe. Call them generation Z, or centennials, or anything else – each moniker sounding equally unappetising – the trends are clear. Only 2% of teenagers use...

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Why in enterprise apps you don’t have users but ‘internal customers’


Any company that has ever been frustrated by low adoption rates of one of their enterprise apps knows just how important it is to have employee advocates. Of course, employees won’t be advocates for apps if they don’t believe the apps are worth advocating for.

Creating advocates—employees who will champion enterprise apps and boost adoption rates—is difficult, but not impossible. One way to get started on the process is to change the script: don’t think of...

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Wearable technology in the enterprise is “real”, new paper asserts

(c) Kosanovic

A new report from BrainXChange argues that wearable technology in the enterprise is “real”, with improved productivity, efficiency, greater worker safety and enhanced customer relations the key areas of growth.

The paper, entitled ‘Wearable Technology at Work for Enterprise Business’ and put together in conjunction with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), argues the need for differentiation is based upon how workers perform; whether they are two-hand, or...

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New research sheds light on UK ‘meeting culture’ and lack of productivity


More than a third of meetings undertaken in UK offices are unproductive, with poorly run meetings costing British businesses an average of £1,400 per employee per year, according to new data from collaboration software provider Wisembly.

The UK in particular has seen a variety of articles bemoaning a supposed ‘productivity crisis’ in the country, yet according to Wisembly, trends from...

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Enterprise compliance and productivity: Should emails have a keep by date?


A recent report by Radicati revealed that the number of business emails sent and received per user per day in 2015 was 122 and predicted that this will rise to 126 by 2019. That is a lot of emails and a lot of data. Add to that the growing trend for workers to store information in email inboxes, rather than saving down on file, and it has led lots of businesses and developers to...

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Why "all-in" on BYOD is the ideal strategy for retailers


A recent study found that rather than break or lose their mobile phone, one in three (34%) U.S. adults would prefer to lose other important items, including their bed, keys and even friends. In fact, 27% of respondents admitted they would cry if they lost their phone.

This level of interest in safeguarding personal mobile devices may help explain why...

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Hello ID: Can voice activation web single sign on work in the enterprise?


Hello, ID. That’s right, users want to say 'hello' to ways in which they can easily gain access and permissions, and manage credentials to needed systems.

For system administrators, of course, access management and identity governance solutions, on their own, allow organisational leaders to easily support access rights and to greet the particulars of their organisations; for example, which users have access to what, when and why. But instead of being able to take a quick peek into...

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The workplace of the future - and why robots won't take over just yet


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has both excited and concerned the general public in equal measure. While there is no doubt that some jobs as we know them in 2016 may be significantly altered by technology, others will be substantially augmented, to enhance job roles and efficiency, thereby helping companies secure their most...

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Welcome to Workforce 3.0: The changing landscape of employee learning and development

The biggest problem facing the workforce is not a lack of people – but a shortage of skills. With 51% of employees not engaged at work according to new research – and 17.5% being actively disengaged – as well as a plethora of workplace areas and devices, employee learning and development has never been more critical.

This whitepaper from Brightspace examines key best practices for employee learning, motivation, and engagement.

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