These are the top five reasons why employees call the IT help desk


Email setup and activation of mobile devices are the most frequent reasons IT help desks get bombarded, according to survey data from managed mobility services provider MOBI.

MOBI studied findings from its own help desk – around 730,000 complaints in 37 categories – to find out the biggest hot button issues among employees and to create greater efficiency in its processes. 12% of all help desk requests relate to email setup, compared to 10% of requests for activating...

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How Eurostar improved efficiency and saved employee costs through mobility

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Eurostar has slashed employees’ mobile bills by 50% and improved maintenance times through a mobility initiative with enterprise mobility management (EMM) firm MobileIron.

The railway firm worked alongside MobileIron and Qolcom, the wireless and enterprise mobility provider and UK partner of the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), to secure and manage both corporate owned and BYOD devices.

A key part of the rollout was giving train drivers and train managers iPads to...

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ABI Research: Companies need to move beyond EMM, while SMS revenues will decline


According to the latest note from ABI Research, mobile application and service revenues are set to hit almost $430 billion (£327bn) by 2021 as companies expand further beyond mobility management.

The findings, which come from the firm’s most recent data on enterprise mobility, argue that total revenues from mobile and application services will increase by 18% from 2016 to 2021, while global cellular voice revenues will stay flat, and global mobile messaging service revenues...

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The world has gone chatbot crazy – but what’s in it for B2B?


In the past few weeks, the world has gone "chatbot" crazy with the announcement of new ‘ChatBot Shops’ and connectors on a near daily basis. What started with Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store, has already been in the works for quite some time with Google. Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft (with Cortana and

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Enterprise mobile security not fully realised, argues BlackBerry – but with a twist


New research unveiled by BlackBerry has found that while a majority of organisations have a mobile security strategy in place, only a small proportion enforce it to the fullest extent. The reason: employees find such strategies too cumbersome and frustrating.

The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne and polling 1000 IT decision makers at businesses with 100 to 1000 workers across four continents, saw 82% of respondents admit mobile security precautions caused at least some...

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How mobility as a service relates to the changing face of enterprise mobility


Managed mobility services, or mobility as a service (MaaS), is an area of enterprise mobility which feels almost hot and cold at the same time: while awareness is low, the opportunity is high.

The idea is great on paper. Analyst firm Ovum put together a research report highlighting the six key components of an end to end enterprise mobility solution:

  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Mobile app management (MAM)
  • Telecoms expense management (TEM)
  • Identity and access management...

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It’s time to modernise authentication methods – or suffer the consequences


“Even the technology that promises to unite us, divides us” – Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

The way digital enterprises connect with their customers is changing.

Consumers are demanding more trusted and personalised experiences in exchange for their personally-identifiable information (PII), while businesses are struggling to protect user privacy in light of growing global security and privacy concerns.

Traditional authentication solutions and methods were simply...

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How mobility can replace inefficient process


For many organisations, cross-platform mobility will be their biggest investment in 2016. It is considered to be revolutionising how businesses manage processes and remain efficient in very competitive environments.

However, with the increased use of modern technology, businesses have failed to manage their work processes in the most effective manner. As a result, essential business information has become...

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Digital transformation key but strategy unclear, argues research


A new piece of research released by IFS – the enterprise software provider rather than the financial institute – argues that while the vast majority of enterprises are keen on pursuing a digital transformation strategy, two in five don’t know how to go about it.

86% of the almost 500 senior decision makers across a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive and energy argued digital transformation would play a key role in their market, yet 40% do not...

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The MDM privacy dilemma: How millennial habits are reshaping BYOD policies


Millennials are a generation whose expectations of workplace communication and productivity set them apart from – and often come in direct conflict with – previous generations. Deeply reliant on the latest smartphones and tablets, millennials have been integral in driving bring your own device (BYOD) programs that allow access to corporate data from personal devices. But while the BYOD phenomenon has accelerated productivity and led to greater overall employee...

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