More than four in five employees do BYOA, according to latest survey results

81% of employees surveyed are using their own apps to improve their working productivity, according to figures released by enterprise mobility provider Globo. The figures suggest one of two conclusions; either companies aren’t providing sufficient enterprise apps, or consumer apps are doing a sufficient job for employees.

The importance of staying safe in the mobile world

According to Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report, the creation of mobile malware is also on the increase. This could be the cause of severe headaches for businesses, as more and more access to company information is becoming available via mobile platforms. But, despite being aware of the risks, employees can be careless about the security of their mobile devices.

Wearable tech in the enterprise: The key questions answered

Last March, we put together another webinar on Wearable Tech in the office and posed the following question to the audience: Is your company currently evaluating how wearable technology can be leveraged? 35% of the audience responded that they are evaluating it, but when asked again just 4 months later, this number increased to 60%!

Good aims to put in the final piece of the puzzle for mobile working

Not all workers want, or need, to be mobile, it has to be said: but for those who do, they don’t want to be constricted by the same routines as other departments in their business. That’s the bet Good Technology is making with its Mobile Workflow product, released last week, which enables organisations of all sizes to construct working processes of their own through apps in the Good marketplace to enhance their mobile workforce.

Opinion: Apple and IBM power up with partnership

Recently, whenever Apple makes an announcement that appears to be out of step with its past, pundits cry “Steve is spinning in his grave.” With IBM and Apple announcing a new partnership, focused on bringing powerful tools to businesses, this sort of reaction was to be expected. Yes, during the 80s Apple and IBM were competitors but 30 years later, these are two very different companies.

IBM and Apple hook up in big partnership “to transform enterprise mobility”

When Enterprise AppsTech reported in January that AirWatch had been acquired by VMware, the suggestion was that something pretty special would have to come along to make a bigger splash in the enterprise mobile space this year. Now it’s arrived: IBM and Apple have announced a partnership which will ship iPhones and iPads to the enterprise market with IBM apps in an attempt to make iOS the top enterprise operating system.

FeedHenry launches customisable field workforce management product

Irish mobile backend specialist FeedHenry has launched its Field Workforce Management product, which enables enterprises to create customisable apps for their field workers based on different mobile workflows. The cloud-based solution is run off the FeedHenry 3 platform, is supported across iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as integrating fully with existing CRM and ERP systems.

Tinder, sexting & nights out: The hidden world of workplace devices

It turns out people are also using their work devices to get up to mischief. More than half (53%) of respondents use their work devices for personal activity, from shopping to social networking, gaming and porn. Indeed, 3% admitted to having ‘sexted’, taken compromising photos of their partner or installed a pornography app on their device. 5% have also watched or listened to pirated material and 2% have used the popular dating app, Tinder.