Cutting through the hype of big data in small (and large) businesses

Big Data is one of the most widely-hyped buzzwords of the tech industry, and that means there is a lot of hype and misunderstanding. Worse, concepts like “data science” are constantly thrown around, making this emergent technology appear like black magic to the business leaders who could benefit from it. This blog aims to cut through the hype to help you understand what Big Data is and its relevance to your business.

How to get mobile UX right in a notification-driven world

There is a very interesting intersection between how we will use mobile apps and how we will develop them in the future: apps will become more about actionable notifications than destinations; and we will develop them using pre-written components as much as possible rather than custom coding.

Celebrating five years of BYOD with five simple phases

In 2014, BYOD evolved to become more about enablement and corporate access that goes beyond email. Employees expect the same access to workplace content on their mobile devices that they have on their laptops and PCs. MDM and MAM have shifted to EMM, as the industry evolves to cater to a broader set of mobile capabilities for the enterprise based on use cases across users, devices, apps and content.