What the pros use: Top apps of business executives

Mobile applications are helpful just about anywhere - and that includes the boardroom and the corner office. Indeed, high-powered business executives can use apps to take notes, organize expense accounts, and keep track of the PGA Tour during meetings. BYOD policies are here to stay and whether you're a CEO or on your way up the corporate ladder, you may find one or all of the following apps to be beneficial.

Why Chatter has changed the world

When Salesforce first announced their Chatter enterprise social media tool, I was sceptical that it would really bring any real benefit to the enterprise. It's fair to say I wasn't overly excited, but infact I have seen Chatter answer my concerns; even its initial sceptics like it.

Lessons from LinkedIn’s new mobile launch

For many brands, mobile is all they know. Their stories begin and end in the various app stores. For other brands, mobile is the great unknown. Their stories begin on the desktop and in web browsers. A great example of the former is LinkedIn, who late last month launched a new mobile platform for iOS and Android users, complete with a brand new client-side user interface, back-end services, and a savvy new “recommendation feature.”

Box Notes comes to Android, two months after iOS rollout

Cloud file sharing bod Box has announced its Box Notes collaboration tool has been rolled out on Android. The company’s collaboration app had launched on iOS, for iPhone and iPad back in June as Enterprise AppsTech reported, with only a vague ‘later this summer’ statement being offered for Android rollout.

BlackHat report: App wrapping

Mobile technologies are complex and user behaviours are ever-changing. There is no one “silver bullet” security control, and so an effective strategy must take a path similar to that described above with multiple controls to mitigate risk.