IBM and Apple hook up in big partnership “to transform enterprise mobility”

When Enterprise AppsTech reported in January that AirWatch had been acquired by VMware, the suggestion was that something pretty special would have to come along to make a bigger splash in the enterprise mobile space this year. Now it’s arrived: IBM and Apple have announced a partnership which will ship iPhones and iPads to the enterprise market with IBM apps in an attempt to make iOS the top enterprise operating system.

FeedHenry launches customisable field workforce management product

Irish mobile backend specialist FeedHenry has launched its Field Workforce Management product, which enables enterprises to create customisable apps for their field workers based on different mobile workflows. The cloud-based solution is run off the FeedHenry 3 platform, is supported across iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as integrating fully with existing CRM and ERP systems.

Tinder, sexting & nights out: The hidden world of workplace devices

It turns out people are also using their work devices to get up to mischief. More than half (53%) of respondents use their work devices for personal activity, from shopping to social networking, gaming and porn. Indeed, 3% admitted to having ‘sexted’, taken compromising photos of their partner or installed a pornography app on their device. 5% have also watched or listened to pirated material and 2% have used the popular dating app, Tinder.

Moki CEO Tom Karren: Why iOS and MDM just don’t mix

Some things, like gin and tonic, bacon and eggs or Laurel and Hardy, are just meant to be together. Others, for whatever reason, don’t seem to gel. Tom Karren, CEO of mobile app security provider MokiMobility, is a firm believer that Apple’s iOS platform and mobile device management (MDM) technology are a fatal combination.

Security biggest threat to mobile working, survey finds

A survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit has found that the necessity of maintaining security across multiple devices is the biggest challenge to mobile workers today. The research, which polled 333 executives globally and forms the report ‘Untethered employees: The evolution of a wireless workplace’, found security the top worry with 47% of the vote, ahead of technical problems, such as syncing data across devices (42%) and budget issues (31%).

10 ways to adopt Web-scale IT across the enterprise

By 2020, 25% of global enterprise CIOs will have had previous involvement in corporate Web-scale IT initiatives, they predict. So if we want to be part of that 50%, to help our business adapt to change and lead our markets, what can we learn from those vast, highly-respected businesses?

The consumer employee: 5 enterprise app requirements for a successful user experience

To allow team members to access their work outside of the typical 9 to 5 or while on the go, many companies build enterprise-level mobile applications to increase employee engagement and productivity. As this type of mobile development gains steam, however, more pressure is placed on brands and their developers to build solutions with attractive and engaging user experience.