What do mobile employees want from their employers to make them better in 2015?

It’s getting towards the end of the year, so naturally employers start thinking about what 2015 holds for their business. But it’s a two way street. In the latest survey results by software provider Premiere Global Services (PGi), US employees want tablets, project management tools and productivity apps to aid their jobs in the coming year.

Alcatel Lucent joins mobile security fray with virtualised offering

If an employee’s mobile device gets infected with malware which degrades performance, mines information and steals data minutes, it’s not only a burden for the CIO, but also the mobile operator. Alcatel-Lucent is looking to change that with Motive Security Guardian, a virtualised mobile security hub.

The three steps you should take to avoid a costly data fine

Firms need to take a holistic, three stage approach to ensuring that data is kept secure, consisting of education, policy and technology. But what do each of these steps consist of, and how can businesses implement them without impacting their mobile device use?