Want to keep your mobile workforce efficient? Get the security right

Enterprises are keeping their workforce happy and efficient by introducing enterprise mobility policies but at the risk of their data security, a new report asserts. The report, Security in the New Mobile Ecosystem, by Ponemon Institute on behalf of Raytheon, surveyed 618 IT security bods and aims to “examine the impact of mobile device, mobile apps and the mobile workforce on the overall security posture of organisations in the United States.”

Seven keys to building highly effective enterprise apps

A great enterprise app values users’ time. App startup time, data download time, time of app reactions, time spent navigating, time entering data – reducing these is how you create a high-performance, fast app that adds value to an enterprise. Here's how.

FeedHenry CEO Cathal McGloin on Red Hat sell: We needed to go big or go home

Yesterday, news broke that open source tech firm Red Hat had acquired mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) provider FeedHenry. The move plays into Red Hat’s needs to increase its footprint in the mobile space, as well as FeedHenry’s desires to increase its bidding power globally. Here’s what we know so far.

Red Hat acquires FeedHenry for mobile development platform

Open source cloud technology provider Red Hat has announced a definitive agreement to buy Irish mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) firm FeedHenry. In a blog post, FeedHenry CTO Micheal O’Foghlu noted how the two companies were “perfectly aligned”, and the excitement ahead.

Three questions enterprises should ask about iOS 8

iOS 8 is about workflow. iOS 8 is about data-sharing. iOS 8 is about giving app developers the tools and techniques to build more sophisticated user experiences. Most CIOs are underestimating the impact of iOS 8 on their mobile strategies. Here are three questions they should be asking to get ready:

Jive hooks up with Microsoft Office365 for enterprise collaboration

Every company should have a solid, safe piece of kit to allow employees to collaborate on projects in mobile and real time. If played correctly from the C-suite it can improve workplace morale and productivity – fewer pointless meetings, for example. Communications provider Jive Software, one of the cabs off the rank, is launching integration with Microsoft Office365 to enable employees to more seamlessly integrate with the on-premise and cloud versions of Microsoft’s software.

BlackBerry outlines its best practices in next generation EMM

BlackBerry has outlined on its business blog the most important facets clients and vendors need in an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution – and it wants your dollars to solidify its bet. Joe McGarvey, BlackBerry enterprise mobility strategist, outlined 10 “must-have capabilities” for organisations to succeed, with self-service, automation and contextual management hitting the top three.

Why concern over wearables in enterprise IT shows the pace of consumerisation

Dan Dearing, VP marketing at enterprise mobility provider MobileSpaces, argues the “concern” around wearable devices in the enterprise is a “good indicator” of the rate of change that consumerisation is bringing. Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech, Dearing argues that there shouldn’t be that much of an issue at the device level.

CRM: Death by configuration?

The company I work for has a long experience of integrating many CRM systems including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Siebel, Dynamics, Peoplesoft and more. As such I have no agenda to push one system over another, but I do want to help CRM customers make decisions that help their businesses.